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A Quantum Touch session is 60 or 90 minutes. Come to your session dressed comfortably and prepared to relax! You will remain fully clothed for the entire session. A small portion of your session will be done while standing to work with your posture and balance. Then you will move to a comfortable massage table. Some extra perks include: relaxing music, aromatherapy and the healing sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl. With a light touch you will receive energy through several points on your body. Your body's intelligence will always determine how the energy you receive during your session is used. This energy is gently and naturally moved and dispersed to wherever it is needed. 

You will never receive too much energy because your body will only absorb what it needs making Quantum Touch a safe and highly effective modality for healing. I will also balance each of your chakras (7 energy centers of the body) and cleanse and clear your 12 energy meridians. Your Quantum Touch session will leave you feeling very relaxed and energized. It is important to drink a good amount of water after a session. Similar to a massage, a Quantum Touch session is a massage for the energy systems of the body in which toxins are released and need to be flushed from your system.

Distant Session

A Quantum Touch session can be done in person or distantly. A distant session is usually done over the phone, but can be done via text or Zoom.  Energy sent distantly is just as powerful as in person because energy is not inhibited by time or space. During distant sessions, I also use what is called the Body Code/Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  This is a powerful way to release trapped emotions from the body.

Energy Healing in Sandy, Utah

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