Nothing but Energy for Healing 

Customer Testimonials

I was very curious to try a session, having never done anything like it before.  The environment was perfect - so relaxing! Natalie made me feel super comfortable.  I was able to release some things in the first session and walked away feeling energized  and absolutely amazing! I will definitely go back!

                                                                                               - Brandy, Sandy, Utah


Natalie has performed several distant sessions on me as well as in person. Each time I have felt the release of tension and stress. I am amazed at the distinct feeling of energy despite the distance. I truly believe in energy healing.

                                                                                              - Carla, LaVerkin, Utah     


I must admit I was skeptical when I first heard about the energy work Natalie had been performing, but I decided to do a session anyway. The atmosphere was relaxing and I felt very comfortable which helped me to open up to the process. I was amazed at what she was able to help me release in the course of one session. I left feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. 

                                                                                        - Nate, Salt Lake City, Utah

Natalie creates a peaceful and soothing environment for her energy work.  It is a truly relaxing experience and I highly recommend it!

                                                                                                  - Tristen, Sandy, Utah