Nothing but Energy for Healing 

  Natalie Summerhays

My name is Natalie Summerhays, a Quantum Touch practitioner.  I grew up in Southern Utah with a great love for the outdoors.  Two of my greatest ambitions were to become a singer/songwriter and a fashion designer.  Things have changed a little.  Along with being a quantum healer, I am a wife and mother of three, residing in Sandy, Utah.  I still enjoy fashion design and playing the guitar, as well as, lifting weights, mountain biking, and playing a little basketball; however, nothing compares to the passion I feel for learning more about energy healing through Quantum Touch workshops and other touch healing modalities.

The fact that we are made entirely of energy, and our thoughts create our reality, was very intriguing to me so I started reading books and listening to audios every day.  My first exposure to this whole new way of thinking was in reading the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and listening to a CD series called Your Wish is Your Command by Kevin Trudeau.  

Then I was exposed to Quantum Touch from an audio series, called “Awakening to Abundance” and I began asking the question:  What is quantum energy healing? I knew right then that I wanted to become a part of this powerful healing by touch, which enables the body to heal itself.  Everyone I know, including myself, has something emotional or physical, or both that holds them back from being who they really want to be.  I would love to be a part of helping people to release what holds them back so they can become more fulfilled and truly happy.

I have had many amazing experiences with quantum energy therapy. There really is no limit to what your body can heal from with the infusion of a little of high vibration energy!